Monitoring of safety and security at our program destinations

Vietnam25The continuous monitoring of safety and security at our program destinations has been an intimate part of our daily work since the very beginning of our operations. All of our decisions are made after careful consideration of every resource at our fingertips – our in-country Study Center staff, our diverse in-country institutional partners, contacts in the field, relevant local government and police sources, local diplomatic missions and a variety of news sources. Our program managers subscribe to various countries’ travel warnings and advisories newsletters, including those of the US State Department. Resident managers make every reasonable effort to stay informed, and they disseminate updates to GEI staff and program participants about any changes that have implications on local safety, security and health risks. And, when necessary, we take immediate action, including program relocation or evacuation.


On-site support

South-Africa18Your on-site program coordinator as well as our regional GEI Study Centers are accessible 24/7 in case of an emergency. The latter are staffed with experienced program managers who are typically nationals of the program destination and hence speak the local language and have access to a range of resources and networks. Among others, they regularly undergo training on a variety of program management aspects, including the prevention and management of on-site emergencies.

Regional emergency contacts:


Crisis response

Vietnam11Over the years of operating in Africa and Asia, we have unfortunately been forced to occasionally deal with diverse crises, ranging from civil unrest, terrorist attacks, politically motivated violence or street crimes to car accidents, public health and medical emergencies and natural disasters. As terrible and sad as every single one of these events has been, they have strengthened our ability to foresee and prevent many potential problems, and to respond swiftly and decisively to any crisis that really hits us. They have also helped us to develop the networks and relationships to those institutions and individuals who can make the difference in the event of an emergency.


Health insurance

We generally require all participants to obtain an international health and evacuation insurance. If your institution doesn’t provide this directly, we can supply a comprehensive health insurance at a very reasonable cost. Our insurance partner is GeoBlue Travel Insurance.