Experiential Learning
Cultural Immersion

When partnering with GEI on a Faculty-Led & Custom Program, you’ll benefit from:

  • Inspiring global program developers who help you custom-design an itinerary that fits into your curriculum and your institution’s educational mission and values, and that meets your budgetary requirements
  • Experienced African and Asian in-country destination managers who identify guest speakers and hosts for meetings, site visits and service-learning projects, who prepare all the logistics, and who guide your delegation during your stay
  • Regional GEI offices that provide 24/7 emergency support and are connected to our local Study & Training Centers



Service Portfolio

We are happy to provide any and all in-country services to make a Faculty-Led & Custom Program a success – from simple logistics to complicated full-program content.

  • Destination advice: In a collaborative process, we work with the client to choose the destination that best corresponds to its learning objectives.
  • Curriculum & itinerary design: Our global program developers help the client to turn vision and learning objectives into an inspiring itinerary. They also make recommendations for all in-country logistics in accordance with the desired budget.
  • Development & coordination: We are happy to take care of any and all preparations, including the development of service elements, lectures, workshops, meetings, site visits and cultural/leisure activities, as well as all logistics.
  • Implementation: Our experienced in-country destination management teams ensure the smooth and seamless implementation of the program.
  • Evaluation: Where desirable, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the program’s impact and make recommendations for repeat visits.