Expanding placement opportunities for interns and volunteers

This summer, we are greatly expanding our collaboration with the University of Rwanda’s Center for Mental Health (CMH). Following the Global Mental Health Conference in Kigali (June 24-July 1), students and professionals in mental health are invited to gain invaluable practical experience during a 4-week or 8-week summer internship or volunteer placement.

The host organizations include a dozen Rwandan NGOs or hospitals, typically located either in the capital Kigali or in the university town Huye. They range from the country’s leading neuropsychiatric referral hospital to the national association of trauma counselors, organizations that deal with women or youth survivors of the genocide and child-headed households, street children centers, and organizations involved in conflict resolution and reconciliation processes.

The placements and relating logistics are coordinated by GEI, and the academic supervision is provided by the CMH. Interested students or professionals can find more information and apply here.

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