COVID-19 policies



The COVID-19 situation remains fluid. On this page, we provide regularly updated information about our policies and protocols. Current version: May 3, 2022.


COVID-19 program measures

The safety of participants, staff, and local partners and hosts is a top priority and we are monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation closely. All GEI team members are fully vaccinated to protect their safety and the safety of all our participants. We further require that all participants of our programs be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 at least 14 days before travelling to one of our destinations. In addition, we try to work as much as possible with suppliers, partners, and hosts whose personnel have been fully vaccinated as well.

We are taking additional recommended prevention and response measures, including:

  • A COVID-19 Safety Officer will be assigned to each program. The Safety Officer will be responsible for ensuring best practice is followed throughout the program by monitoring behavior, environment, and adherence to agreed hygiene measures. For groups with up to 20 participants, the Program Manager or Guide will play this role and will be supported by other team members who will be on standby in case of an emergency. For larger groups, the Program Manager or Guide will play this role as well as a second member of our team who will be appointed to be with the group.
  • Participants are thoroughly briefed upon arrival about COVID-19 policies and guidelines.
  • GEI team members on the ground will be wearing a proper mask (see our internal handbook for information on the type of masks used) throughout the duration of the program.
  • Participants will wear a mask (see our internal handbook for information on the type of masks we recommend using) for the duration of the program, except in locations where masks are not required.  Participants are required to supply their own masks. We recommend the use of KN95 masks.
  • GEI team members, guests, suppliers and partners must regularly wash their hands and use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% of alcohol. Hand sanitizers are available in each vehicle.
  • Vehicles used will be properly sanitized and wiped down in the morning before the start of the daily activities.
  • GEI team members on the ground will take their temperatures on a daily basis to monitor for fever and will not work if they are sick.
  • The temperature of the drivers will be also taken on a daily basis and any driver who has fever will be replaced immediately.
  • Daily temperature checks and visual assessment of participants will be conducted and recorded by the GEI Safety Officer/Guide each morning. Additionally, participants will also be asked to self-monitor and immediately inform the GEI Safety Officer/Guide if they have a forehead temperature of 37.5 C or higher (36.5 C if the temperature is taken on the wrist) and/or if they are feeling unwell.  
  • During the daily monitoring by GEI, the Safety Officer/Guide will do the following: 


      1. Take every participant’s temperature each morning.  In case self-monitoring has been agreed upon, daily visual assessments will still be conducted by the Safety Officer/Guide.
      2. Wear a face mask while doing the readings, and so must each program participant.  
      3. Have a clip board with a participant list for every day, where the reading of each participant will be recorded, thus always keeping the record up to date.  
      4. If the temperature check by the Safety Officer/Guide shows that a participant has an initial elevated temperature (37.5 C or higher – value of 36.2 C for wrist temperature), the test will be repeated 10 minutes later. If the temperature is then still higher than 37.5 C or 36.2 C for the wrist, the participant will be sent to an isolation room, and the temperature check will be repeated an hour later by the Safety Officer or by a GEI member of staff. If the temperature is still high an hour later, the GEI Safety officer or GEI member of staff will call a nurse or doctor. If the group is out in the field, the participant will be requested to wear a face mask and will be seated on the back seat of the vehicle used, until the temperature check can be repeated an hour later. If the temperature is still high an hour later, the participant will be taken to the nearest hospital for a check-up. The GEI Safety Officer and medical professionals will decide if a rapid test and/or PCR test must be taken and will advise the participant accordingly. The cost of the tests and isolation rooms will be at the participants’ expense.
      5. In the event of a positive diagnosis, a decision on whether the other program participants need to be tested and possibly even self-isolated as well is taken together with local health authorities. The tests will be at the participants own costs. Isolation rooms will be made available at the hotels and lodges at the participants’ own cost.
      6. Furthermore, GEI’s Head Office will decide together with the client and the local health authorities whether to proceed with or cancel the program.


  • Our leadership team will continue to actively monitor the recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and local authorities and will implement best-practices accordingly.


Country-specific COVID-19 policies & protocols