Emphasis on capacity development

We believe that capacity is the critical factor for human development. Sustainability is rarely achieved by the direct provision of a service. Instead, we desire to develop the capabilities of individuals, institutions and societies so that they are inspired and empowered to achieve their own development objectives.


Belief in people-centered development

We are convinced of the invaluable nature of people-centered and relationship-based development approaches that build on international connections and collaborations. Moving way beyond the mere transfer of skills, this concept further increases professional motivation, self-awareness, assertiveness and confidence. It also creates professional networks and friendships that are vital for educational and professional advancement.


Focus on entire professions or industries

Many other professional development or volunteer programs focus their work on the needs of specific local communities or institutions. We believe that our programs can achieve the most impact when we address capacity deficits that are observed across entire professions or industries. This guarantees that interventions are easily replicable and scalable.