Are you passionate about the educational power of storytelling? Would you like to volunteer your time and skills in a high-impact service-learning program that focuses on developing teacher capacity in countries like Rwanda?

This Drama-Based Education (DBE) program trains you to utilize and teach the specific steps necessary to create stories for performance or “dramatic structure”. The goal is to move the information learned in the classroom from the student’s mind (knowledge) to the student’s body (action). The skills can be used to support the curricular goals and pedagogical needs of all subjects typically taught in primary and secondary systems.

Co-hosted by GEI, SUNY-Buffalo State and The Anne Frank Project, this program is available to students in Education, Performing Arts, Social Work, Conflict Studies and related subjects. Educators, administrators and professionals are welcome as well. You will visit various parts of Rwanda and work with teachers and students in designated partner schools.
– Complete a DBE learner workshop and certification.
– Assist in the development of vital capacity among Rwandan teachers.
– Learn first-hand about Rwanda’s unique history and culture.
– Study topics in reconciliation, nation building and sustainable development.
– Gain invaluable intercultural competence relevant to your field of study.
– Build lasting friendships with a multicultural group of fellow students.
– Obtain valid university credit.

What’s Included?

  • Tuition
  • DBE certification
  • Arrival day airport meet and greet
  • Housing
  • Transportation for program activities
  • Meals during program activities
  • On-site orientation
  • Program-related activity and entrance fees
  • Full-time on-site coordination and support


What Isn’t?

Not included are the transportation to/from the destination airport (including international airfare and taxes), visas, immunizations, some of the meals, items and services of a personal nature, medical expenses not covered by the insurance provided and other discretionary expenses.

Academic Credits

Academic credits are available at an additional fee from the U.S. academic school of record, SUNY-Buffalo State.

Program Locations

Kigali, Rwanda’s political, economic and cultural center, is one of the cleanest, greenest and safest capital cities in Africa. It is also the gateway for this program and a welcome opportunity to start an immersive journey to explore Rwanda’s rich history and culture.

The training workshops take place at partner schools in districts such as Muhanga or Gasabo.

Additionally, there are various integrated program elements that allow participants to visit further parts of the country, including excursions to Akagera and Nyungwe national parks, the National Museum in Huye or the Vision 2020 community of Gashora.


The program consists of 2 weeks of experiential and service-learning in Rwanda. At its core, it focuses on a drama-based education workshop that was created by SUNY-Buffalo State’s Anne Frank Project. Certified, proven and multi-disciplinary, it provides teachers with the necessary skills to improve their professional performance and enhance their students’ comprehension.

After participants have completed their own training, they assist Anne Frank Project program leaders to provide the workshop to Rwandan teachers at selected primary and secondary schools in partner districts such as Muhanga or Gasabo. Additionally, they have the opportunity to visit different parts of the country in order to increase their understanding of the unique reconciliation and nation building process that Rwanda has embarked on after the 1994 genocide.