Options of obtaining academic credits

Our study abroad field courses and internships are generally accredited by reputable U.S. Schools of Record such as San José State University, The College of New Jersey or SUNY-Buffalo State. As a result, participating students can obtain transcripts through these institutions at a reasonable additional fee.

We further have affiliate agreements with a range of institutions, through which participating students can obtain credits from their home university. One example is Brigham Young University, whose students obtain 6 credits if they choose one of our courses or internships that have been added to the BYU course catalogue.

Last but not least, it happens regularly that participating students find a way to obtain home university credit after an evaluation of our courses with their academic supervisors. It goes without saying that we will help by supplying you with all the necessary documentation and supporting information you will need to apply for such credit.
In any case, please always note that the transfer and application of academic credit is ultimately always at the complete discretion of your home university. It typically has processes in place to evaluate external credits and transcripts. You are responsible for meeting with your study abroad and/or academic advisor prior to enrollment to determine the transferability of credit.

Please make sure to review course descriptions with them, and obtain approval in advance to ensure that your home university will accept the offered credits. To assist in this process, we provide detailed course descriptions, contact hours, syllabi and recommended credits for individual programs. Study abroad offices can further provide guidance on how to integrate the study abroad experience with a particular course of study at the home institution.