Inspire. Empower. Impact.

We are passionate about developing countries in Africa and Asia. And we believe that our destinations provide an exceptionally inspiring and empowering learning environment for international students who seek to affect positive change in the world.

While every program has a specific disciplinary focus, the curricula go far beyond the classroom instruction and field study. Living in a developing country almost always challenges the student to also explore questions of sustainable development, social justice and service, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Furthermore, the study abroad experience offers a wealth of opportunity to emphasize intercultural competence and international connection. We find it crucial to incorporate these overarching topics into each curriculum through experiential and service-learning elements.

Our programs are unique collaborative efforts that build on the strengths of some of the best local universities, and the passion and experience of our GEI Study Centers. Dedicated and qualified university faculty members and GEI staff work hand in hand to develop seamless study abroad experiences that, despite their comparably short time in-country, have a life-changing impact for the students.

Program elements typically include a thorough thematic classroom foundation, a variety of experiential meetings and site visits, interactive discussion rounds and seminars, further educational and cultural excursions, and regular processing activities.

Some programs are directly built on a service-learning idea – typically in the form of capacity development -, while others are connected to optional service-learning opportunities. And all programs guarantee a wealth of interaction with domestic and other foreign students as well as engagement with the local population at large.

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