Some Recent Testimonials

“The program offered me the opportunity to stretch my professional skills as a teacher and a mentor, and I am a better person for my community at home when I return. The lessons learned in Rwanda are life-changing.”
– Eve Everette, SUNY-Buffalo State
“This was the most inspiring trip of my life. I can use the learning now and beyond for my personal and professional lives.”
– Rebecca Rodskog, Women & Leadership delegation
“Our program manager Francoise was incredibly helpful.  Everything ran smoothly, really everything. Having run 4 past tours to Bosnia, I find it is almost impossible to make everything run smoothly, and yet she did.”
– Jennifer Trahan, New York University
“The program allowed me to reflect and grow through constant challenges. I will leave a more mature person.”
– Christina Zerfas, Indiana University
“Our delegation to Rwanda was fantastic in terms of the cultural, medical and social experiences we encountered. We learned much about the Rwandan people. We hope to continue our mission of helping establish emergency medicine.”
– David Seaberg, American College of Emergency Physicians
“My trip to Rwanda was a life changing experience – I will never be the same and I never want to be the same. I grew more than I ever thought I could grow in a three week period and I learned so much.”
– Kelsey Blasingame, University of Central Arkansas
“Africa can be intimidating to our clients. When we find a partner who our clients can trust, who can understand our needs and our client needs and who is responsive, we generally don’t let them go.
– Rick Rosenfeld, WorldStrides
“Your company made my consulting abroad study tour in Rwanda a great success. You connected me and my students with the important players in business, government, and non-governmental organizations.”
– Reid Click, George Washington University
“The program made me rethink my future. It really made me want to do something that is human rights- or development-related in Africa.”
– Julie McCrimlisk, Georgetown University
“The program was one of the greatest professional and personal experiences I had.”
– Csilla Fischer, Mental Health Facilitator delegation
“I will run out of adjectives trying to describe our trip to South Africa. I will just say that we are thrilled with it, and our experiences have been “paradigm shifting”. It’s also been a whole lot of fun!”
– Jessica Rush, University of Washington
“Your team made my week in Vietnam so enjoyable. I am used to travelling and organizing everything for myself, so having everything organized for me made being part of the program incredibly easy and meant I could just focus on learning and teaching. More importantly, I think this makes the program suitable for others that may be nervous travelling by themselves or that haven’t travelled a lot. It definitely makes it easier or less daunting for them.”
– Renee Collisson, Mercy Hospital for Women
“Your company continues to provide first class organizational and logistical services, second to none on the continent.”
– Tyler Denton, ONE
“The program has completely changed my view about doing business – and, personally, my life. Rwanda has taught me the importance of community.
– Anik Desai, George Washington University
“The trip to Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya was extremely successful! All staff were well informed, resourceful, flexible, and interacted in a warm, friendly and positive way with our delegation. They also maintained their composure and professionalism under very trying circumstances. Very creative and careful planning – I just gave broad requirements and you filled them with great experience. Your research was impeccable. Very quick response to my questions and concerns. I especially appreciate that now that I have been to those countries and understand the difficulties. Worked very well to keep within our budget.”
– Robin Fox, Dunn Bros