Feb 15 / GEI

Academic Credits

Students have the possibility to earn recognition for the time spent studying abroad with GEI and make it count toward graduation. Find out below the different options available: 

Home institution
If you are required or encouraged to take an internship or field course abroad for your degree program, GEI can help you coordinate with your home university. It is essential that you work with your university Academic Advisor to confirm how many credits you can receive for a field course or internship with GEI. We are happy to share more detailed syllabi with you and your advisors and you'll receive a full GEI transcript towards the end of your GEI program(s).

School of Record
If you cannot earn academic credit directly through your college or university, you can enroll with GEI for transfer credits. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a transcript from our School of Record, The College of New Jersey. 

Our programs appear on your transcript as 300-level undergraduate courses. 

In 2017, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and GEI partnered to develop a school of record relationship that will allow academic experiential credit to be available for both TCNJ and non-TCNJ students. The College of New Jersey is a public university, with a strong liberal arts focus, and seen as one of the most selective institutions in the Northeast region. TCNJ is a pioneer in developing impactful projects to engage its students and the surrounding communities to foster economic and social growth. 

During the last step of the GEI application, you will be asked whether or not you wish to register for credit for your program. While there is an additional fee for the credit, it is typically less expensive than at your home institution.

  • Field courses (3 weeks) or short internships (4 weeks): 3 to 4 credit hours, at $125 per credit hour
  • Long internships (semester): Up to 8 credit hours, at $125 per credit hour 

No academic credit
We welcome a variety of participants in our programs, including high school students, enrolled undergraduate students, already graduated participants, as well as professionals. You don’t need to receive credit to join a course. If you’re still in school, we recommend you checking with your advisor before applying, as some institutions require credit for any study abroad programs.

Once you have completed your last assignment and submitted it to your GEI Academic Advisor, we transfer your grades to our School of Record, The College of New Jersey. A transcript will be sent to your home institution approximately within two months after the program’s end. A grade report can also be sent to the student’s home address unless we are instructed otherwise in writing. 

Make sure to meet with your Study Abroad Advisor before applying to our credit-bearing courses. It will help you to better understand your home university’s policy and process regarding credit transfer. You might find out that it is even possible to integrate the study abroad experience with a particular course offered at your school, which will significantly reduce paperwork. 

Please note that credits earned through our programs are transferrable only at the discretion of the receiving university. You will probably need prior approval by your Advisor in order to transfer credits earned through study abroad.