Our Programs

Certificates in Global Engagement

Develop the competencies that empower you to navigate the challenges of our global society in the 21st century and become a global change leader.

High School Certificates

Travel to Rwanda or Vietnam. Gain a broader worldview, independence, new friends, and critical intercultural skills. Participate in an impactful community field experience and obtain a Certificate in Global Engagement that will significantly boost your resume.

Undergraduate Certificates

Study sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, global health, and more, in Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, or Vietnam. Add meaningful international work experience with an internship. Obtain credits and a prestigious Certificate in Global Engagement.

Graduate Certificates

Study a concentrated area in your field and gain valuable international work experience with a graduate internship. Develop change leader competencies and acquire the professional skills as well as a Certificate in Global Engagement to advance in your career.

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Professional Certificates

Join international peers to develop professional and change leader competencies in intercultural settings in Africa and Asia. Programs range from general continuing education to specialized trainings and placements for nurses, counselors, or teachers.

Custom Programs

600+ programs since 2007: We provide the expert support, dedication, and passion to create your custom program in 20 countries across East Africa, Southern Africa, and Southeast Asia. From content development to logistics, safety, and risk management.


In case you'd like us to answer any questions or assist with your application, don't hesitate to reach out via email or our contact form.